2016 Exhibitors

The GRZF 2016 exhibitor list!

–(we are still waiting to add some folks so this is subject to change)–

Issue Press
Day(s) Just Like Any Other, Austin Knight
Black Bear Collective
Anna Lisa Illustration, Anna Lisa Schneider
Black Metal of the Americas/Holy Demon Army Distro
Lindsay Mathers
Aude Shattuck
Love Spell, Cassie McCarthy
Queercook, Kara Kuhn
The Bandit Zine
stolenchapstick, Brooke Johnson
art4freaks, Isabel Leader
Stephanie Heise
Homebody, Nicole Jakus
Same Earth Productions, Leigh Morrison
Crooked Girl, Rosie Accola
Dekaylee, The Art of Dekay
Robert Kelsey Illustration
G. Pike
Stranger Two Stranger, Robert Hendricks
Mike Freiheit
Mariposa Arise, Maleny
Sean Dempsey
Emma DuFort Art and Design
Sorry Mom Comix, Andi Santagata
Bluelemonlight, Nick Baldwin
Adam X Vass
Pieces, A Visitor in Myself, Nicole
thaikim, Kim Nguyen
KP Studio, Krista Pischner
Hydrium Studios, Dustin Coon
Spooky Art Girl, Christine Elliott
Martian Press, Stephanie Gage
Caroline Elsner Illustration
CLOUDS / KISS ME!, Griffin Miller
Sin+, Jessica Cadwell
Sincerely, Michaela Stock
Sampop & Gavsby, Gavin Brown & Sam Lishinski
Malarkey, Mallary Quinn
Grunch Zine, Sarah Wood
Smoking Crow Zine Co., Anna Wood
Left the Prairie, Emily Hilleren
Life Before Me, Lamont Arrington
Rayne Klar
Scattered Brightness, Kayla Bell
Bombadil Press
Tigers Sniffing Catnip, Sara Chittenden
Comics for Something, Drew Damron
Vault of Midnight
Carolyn Nowak
Chris Conlon
have company
Brown and Proud Press
Creative Youth Center
Party Table Distro, Fiore, Rayburn, & Schwinghammer
Lisa DuBois
My Idea of Fun, Jacob Koestler
Ben Sears (Double+ / Night Air / The Sweeper)
Brittany IRL
Jaytamar, Jayme Madison

Exhibitors–we pulled this info straight from your registration. This is also what will be in the program. If you wish to be
A) listed under a different name and/or zine title
B) have your name(s) and distro both included
C) want to be listed under just your personal name or just your zine name
D) notice a typo, please message us!

We didn’t include names for distros, so again, message us if you’d prefer that. If you’re sharing your table with someone who didn’t register personally (ie, you put their name in your registration form, but no other info about them), email us at grzinefest@gmail.com