Meeting #3 Notes

by insub2

We thought that it would be best to hold the zinefest at the 106 Gallery rather than work something out at the library. For the first year, trying to get the amount of vendors to fill the 3rd floor auditorium could lead to disappointment. It would be better to deal with too many people in a smaller venue than not enough people in a huge venue. What do you think?

This would take some pressure off of fund-raising because there isn’t a rental fee for the 106 Gallery. So far, it looks like any raised money will go towards: renting tables, printing, promotion, honorariums, food at the event, paying for the poster, and next year’s zine fest.

Caleb mentioned having a GR Zine Feast to support the GR Zinefest. If we aim to have this near the end of January, it gives us a good preliminary goal to get some things started now. The Zinefeast could be the day we open up registration, and the first big event to spread the word about the Zinefest. So far, we’ve come up with having either a pancake feast or a plated potluck-style dinner. People would come in, pay a $5-$10 dollar fee towards the Zine Fest, eat food, possibly listen to a band, and then register in person for the Zinefest. Other fund-raising event ideas: bake sale, movie night, picnic, art raffle, local business benefit, kickstarter, art raffle, Sunday Soup.Things to sort out for the next meeting on November 3rd:

  • How money will be handled. Will we appoint a treasurer? Some general fund somewhere?
  • Registration: Send a check? What info do we need from the exhibitor? Should we create a questionnaire? Where is the check sent?
  • What is the typical budget for other zinefests? Are we forgetting anything?
  • Forming subcommittees for event planning, fund-raising, promotion, etc.
  • Make Save the Date cards for the Zine Fest. Information to include: Grand Rapids Zinefest, August 17th 2013, 106 Gallery,, save the date!
  • Possibly local sponsors/partnerships
  • Feast planning: what day, what are we making, how is money handled, etc.
  • Coordinating with Calving so that it’s cool to have events there

What do you think?